HVAC-Refrigeration / Service


The HVAC-Refrigeration/Service Steamfitter apprenticeship is a 5-year time-based program consisting of installing, performing start-up, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, diagnosing, and servicing the piping, equipment, and controls for HVAC, refrigeration, and various process systems that carry water, refrigerants, steam, chemicals, air, liquid gases, or fuel used in heating, cooling, food and beverage, manufacturing, power generating, lubricating, and all other process piping systems.
Installation and Service of HVAC-R systems includes basic knowledge as follows:
  • Vapor-compression refrigeration cycle, compressors, metering devices, and heat exchangers.
  • Fundamental understanding of electrical principles that enable proper diagnosis of electrical controls.
  • Diagnostic skills to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain heating, cooling, and air-handling equipment.
  • Troubleshoot, repair, and maintain steam and pumped-liquid piping systems used for heating, cooling, and industrial processes.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills to keep customers, dispatchers, and managers informed.
There are two (2) available programs to become an HVAC-R/Service Steamfitter for Steamfitters Local 601, the Apprenticeship Training Program for and the Accelerated Service Program for those with an extensive HVAC/Service background. Both will result in achieving Journeyman-Level Steamfitter status upon successful completion of the program.

Apprenticeship Training Program

This is a 5-year basic entry program designed for individuals with minimal to no prior background. Apprentices receive training both on the job and from a proprietary curriculum of classroom instruction. Upon completion of this program, apprentices become successful Journey-Level Steamfitters in the industry.

Accelerated Service Program

This is a 4-week program designed for individuals with an extensive HVAC-R/Service background. Trainees reinforce their prior work experience and abilities with a targeted curriculum of industry-demanded standards followed by a proprietary curriculum of classroom instruction. Upon completion of this program, trainees become successful Journey-Level Steamfitters in the industry.


Steamfitters in a computer room
Three steamfitters working indoors on small pipes
a few steamfitters inspecting construction plans